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Preparing Your Pool for a Storm in Rock Hill

Residents of Rock Hill, South Carolina, enjoy a reasonably mild climate. The city is far enough inland that hurricanes and other tropical storms aren’t much of a concern. Even so, there are some intense storms that sweep through the area from time to time, sometimes bringing severe hail.

These storms can raise some concerns for homeowners… to say nothing of pool owners. While there is nothing you can do to prevent a storm, you do have some control over the outcomes. In this post, we’ll explain some of the best ways to prepare your pool for a storm in Rock Hill.

Preparing Your Pool for a Storm

Some general tips and guidelines from Davis Water Service:

  1. Keep nearby trees and bushes trimmed. If you have plant life near the pool, keep in mind that dead limbs may become airborne during a storm, potentially being thrown into your pool… or worse, into nearby screens, doors, or windows.
  2. Store loose items in a secure place. Before a storm comes, make sure you pick up pool tools, accessories, lightweight furniture, patio awnings, and umbrellas. Store them somewhere safe and secure. Again, the goal is to avoid these items being turned into projectiles.
  3. Prevent electrical problems. Is there any chance that your pool motor or other permanently plumbed electrical equipment could become submerged in water? If so, err on the safe side by turning off the power at the main breaker panel. Also consider wrapping the exposed electrical equipment in a waterproof cover.
  4. Check the water level. Are you expecting extreme rainfall? If so, you may decide to lower the water level a little bit, minimizing your risk of the pool becoming overfull and flooding. Just make sure you don’t take the water level too low; you will want to keep the water above the skimmer level.
  5. Prevent algae growth. If you know a big storm is coming, be extra diligent in brushing, treating, and agitating your pool water beforehand. This can minimize the risk that airborne particles drift into the water and cause an algae bloom.

With these simple steps, you can verify that your pool is reasonably safe and secure, even in the event of heavy weather.

What About After the Storm?

There are also a few important safety steps for Rock Hill pool owners to take after a big storm.

  1. Remove branches and debris. Make sure you remove all the detritus from your pool before you run the pump. This will help you avert potential clogs.
  2. Return the pool water to its proper level. You can do this with a garden hose, or via water delivery from a company like Davis Water Service.
  3. Check the levels. After a storm, check the chlorine and pH levels to ensure they are still balanced. If not, make sure you treat the water before you swim.
  4. Don’t swim in unsanitary water. If your water is obviously unsanitary and there’s nothing you can do to clean it, that may mean it’s time to drain it and refill.

These basic steps can help you prepare your pool even after storms pass through.

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