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Must-Know Tips for Cleaning Your Pool After a Hurricane in Lakeland

Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane can be extremely stressful. After you have had time to take stock of any damage your property has incurred, it is time to begin the clean-up process. Cleaning your pool is a part of hurricane aftermath and returning to normal day-to-day life. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent dirt, debris, and contaminants from entering your pool when faced with the severe winds and rain of a hurricane. Let's take a look at tips for cleaning your pool after a hurricane in Lakeland!

Leave the Water in Your Pool

Your first thought may be that it is a lost cause and that you should drain the water from your pool. However, you should never drain your pool. The reason is that a higher water table post-hurricane can cause an empty pool to float out of the ground. If this happens, your issues will be much more costly and time-consuming to have your pool professionally re-installed in the ground. Leave the water in your pool.

In fact, you should remove excess water from your pool until it is back at normal levels. You can use a submersion pump or a siphon to take water out of your pool.

Check for Water Damage

Before you turn on the filtration system or any electrical components, make sure there is no water damage. If there is, avoid turning on the equipment until the issue has been resolved by a licensed electrician. Turning on a damaged system can result in damage to the equipment as well as to persons who come in contact with the pool or equipment.

Remove Large Pieces of Debris

The first step is to use a net or even a leaf skimmer to remove leaves and other larger pieces of debris from the pool. You may need to use an extendable pole to reach the debris that has already settled on the pool's bottom. You can also use a leaf bagger to assist you in removing debris.

Clean Your Filtration System

Abnormally large amounts of debris mean your filtration system will need cleaning more often, or else the system will clog up. Here are the two parts of your pool's system that you need to keep clean:

  • Skimmer baskets
  • Pump strainer
  • Filter (Either clean or backwash)

Remove Fine Particles

Use your automatic pool cleaner or vacuum to remove the smaller pieces of dirt and debris from the sides and bottom of the pool. Repeat this process until the water is clear. Be sure to check the filters frequently to ensure they do not get clogged up.

Restore Water Balance

Even after removing both large and small particles of debris, there are still microscopic contaminants in the water, some of which may be dangerous. It is crucial to shock the pool to restore balance and prevent unwanted algae growth and harmful organisms from thriving.

Complete the Sanitation Process

After the pool has been shocked to appropriate chlorine levels, all that is left is to run your filtration system for several days or until the water is crystal clear. Once this process is complete, it's time to enjoy your sparkling pool once again!

Get Your Pool Back in Tip-Top Shape

The unfortunate truth is that hurricanes can leave a wake of devastation in their path, and this includes pools. Following these tips will help you get your pool back in excellent health and ready to enjoy in no time, and Davis Water Service is here to help! Davis Water Service is the leading provider of pool water on the east coast. Rest assured that we deliver only the highest quality water for your pool in the timeliest fashion. For more information or to place an order, feel free to contact us today!