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Must-Know Tips for Getting (And Keeping) Fall Out of Your Pool

Fall is arguably the most magical time of year. The leaves on the trees turn a beautiful golden brown before turning loose and gently floating to the ground. While this may be a gorgeous time of year to watch unfold from your back porch, deciduous trees can wreak havoc on your pool. Leaves and debris can introduce algae, bacteria, and contaminants into your pool, resulting in a safety issue. Here are the best tools and tips for removing leaves and preventing new leaves from entering your pool.

Best Equipment for Leaf Removal

Efficient leaf removal begins with having the right tools.

1. Remove Leaves with a Leaf Rake

A leaf rake is similar to a skimmer, except that it has a full net attached, making it easier to remove more leaves from your pool. Not only can you clean the surface of the pool, but you can also remove leaves from the bottom of the pool as well.

2. Upgrade to a Leaf Gulper

Leaf gulpers are perfect for pools that have a lot of fallen leaves on the floor. This piece of equipment is also known as a leaf bagger. Leaf gulpers attach to a standard garden hose, creating suction and pulling the leaves into a bag. Bristles on the bottom help remove leaves that are stuck to the bottom of the pool.

3. Vacuum Canister

This is the most convenient leaf removal tool because it attaches directly to your pool cleaner and automatically filters leaves out. The canister removes the leaves before they reach the pump, which can potentially cause damage. The best part is that your pool pump can continue to run on its normal schedule.

Tips for Leaf Removal

With a few simple adjustments, removing leaves can become a much easier job.

1. Adjust the Skimmers' Flow

Your pool's skimmers should be set to pull as strong as possible. This may mean you have to completely close the main drain valve. Furthermore, ensuring the weirs are in place will help trap leaves inside the skimmer even when the pump is off.

2. Adjust Return Flow

For optimal removal of leaves, the water should flow in a circular motion. This will push leaves in front of the skimmer, and then the skimmer can handle the rest. It is one of the most effective methods for leaf removal.

3. Ideal Water Level

Your pool's water level may seem like an insignificant detail, but it matters a great deal. The water level should fall in the middle of the skimmer to do its job correctly. If it's too low, the skimmer will only suck air. On the other hand, if it's too high, the skimmer isn't sucking the top of the water.

Prevention is Key

If possible, taking preventative measures is best. Let's take a look at three of the most effective options.

1. Modify Your Landscaping

Landscaping can either exacerbate the leaf problem in your pool or help it. For starters, the closer deciduous trees are to your pool, the more leaves that will fall into it. You can either altogether remove problem trees or make sure they stay appropriately trimmed.

2. Utilize Pool Covers

Utilize a pool cover to completely prevent leaves from getting in the water. In order for this method to be effective, it must be put in place before the leaves begin to fall.

3. Install Leaf Blocks

If you want to keep your deciduous trees and they aren't too close to your pool, you can install leaf blocks to prevent the wind from blowing leaves into the pool. Leaf blocks can be any number of things, including:

  • Hedges
  • Fences
  • Retaining walls
  • Another structure (e.g., storage shed)

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