24 hour emergency

We’re a family-owned company that has been delivering potable water for every need for over 40 years. Our fast response and rock-solid reliability have earned us a growing roster of loyal customers across the Southeast.

Our rapid response emergency team is ready to roll, 24/7.

Davis Water Service’s emergency dispatch is prepared to handle a wide array of water emergency situations 24 hours a day.

Got a pool? Get it filled—fast.

Our pool filling service has been pleasing customers for more than 40 years. They keep calling because we keep delivering on our service promise. Check out our pool volume calculator here.

Construction: If you build it, we will come.

Our water tankers serve construction sites from Virginia to Louisiana. We know how to get you water and then get out of the way.

Deionized Water: We’ll bring it.

For industries that depend on a reliable supply of deionized water, we respond quickly to remedy any interruption.

reverse osmosis water.

Customers whose operations rely on RO water, we deliver in our stainless steel tanks—or provide on-site filtering for emergency backup needs.


We reliably deliver PFAS-free water (below detectable limits) or filter on site for any need.

gallons delivered in 2023
stainless steel tankers
locations across the Southeast
loads delivered
in 2022

We’ll be there when we promise.

The promise comes not just from a company but a family. We’re proud of our reputation for reliability, which our customers expect and deserve.

We love solving problems in ingenious ways.

Especially in emergency situations, we need to think on the fly. Over the years we have engineered our own systems based on our real-world, real-time experience.

How much pool water do you need? That's easy.

Use our simple calculator to determine your pool volume and get a rough estimate of the cost to fill it. Entering a few measurements and your location is all it takes.

“They delivered the water for our pool on time and they were extremely professional and friendly. I highly recommend them!”
—Lisa Poehlman
“Davis Water Services' drivers are extremely pleasant. Great prices and great service. They're a pleasure to do business with.”
—Michelle Lipscomb
“Yes, these guys are awesome. They helped me out in a pinch. I am very appreciative. I will recommend them any day.”
—Marc Shelton
“Davis Water Service answers your calls and show up when they say. The representative was very polite and professional. Thank you, Davis Water Service. ”
—Randy Pruitt
“Even when I called on Christmas Day, your team was quick to respond to our water emergency. They were cheerful and service-minded. You guys are tops!”
—David L. Pope, Scotland Health Care System

THE DAVIS WAY since 1978

What it is & why it works

Our team is tight and it shows in our work. Our family-owned company hires hard workers who believe in doing every job the right way. When a new problem presents itself, we dive in and invent a new solution. Whatever it takes to get the water flowing.